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The Battenkill River

  • The Battenkill River

    The Kill, as its affectionately known, is a famous trout fishing destination in Vermont. This 59.4-mile-long (95.6 km) rivers origin is in East Dorset, VT.  It flows through Manchester, Sunderland and Arlington, VT and then Shushan, Salem, and Cambridge, NY eventually entering the Hudson River in Easton NY.

    "The Battenkill is a small to medium-sized river that is famous for its incredibly difficult brown trout and relatively abundant brook trout. A freestone stream but rising out of many springs in marble bedrock, it stays cold all summer long and is famous for its good midsummer fishing—although in the past 20 years this summer fishing has become difficult because of large crowds of canoes and inner tubes on warm ...summer days."


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