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Photo: Aidan Cummings

Hey there,


I am an artist, photographer, designer, and native Vermonter who loves the outdoors and all that it offers the body and soul.

My work is inspired by the limitless beauty of the natural world and the incredible outdoor destinations in the northeast and specifically, the Green Mountain State. I have a keen appreciation for landscape painting, both modern and historical, along with the Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters from the '30s and '40s and the illustrated travel poster genre of yesteryear. My work is a fusion of these influences. 


 My process begins with a specific destination or memory of an outdoor place that I love and know others have a fondness for as well. A mountain I have hiked, a lake or river I have paddled and fished, or woods I have skied or rambled.


Being a realist, I try to compose each piece with authentic detail, sketching and photographing multiple views until I am satisfied with the composition. I then simplify my renderings, reducing landscape details in favor of graphically bold fields of color and strong silhouettes. I do occasionally alter the true landscape in favor of simplicity and my own artistic expression. 

I use a combination of techniques in my work, utilizing both traditional tools and modern technology starting with sketching, drawing, and photos taken in the field. I then return to my studio to recreate these photos and drawings digitally, composing scans using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate software. My computer is a powerful illustration and design tool that I use just like pencils, brushes, and my camera. The work is printed using the giclée technique. Giclée is fine art and photo printing on professional-grade inkjet printers using archival-quality papers, inks, and processes. 

Do you have a special place that you would like to see in print? I'm always looking for creative inspiration and I'm happy to take on commissions
for original pieces.

Contact me to talk about your idea or just to say hey

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