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Mad River Valley

  • Mad River Valley, Vermont


    The Mad River Valley is a popular region with tourists due to its picturesque scenery and two ski areas, Mad River Glen and Sugarbush Resort. The valley's namesake, the Mad River, is a tributary to the Winooski River. It has its headwaters in Granville Gulf, then flows north through the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, and Moretown before entering the Winooski River just downstream from Middlesex.

    The valley is also home to several farms along the fertile river bottom including the Bragg farm who's barn is shown in the print.

    Mad River Valley is offered as a limited run, first edition and available online only.

    Print size: 13"x19"

    Giclée printed on 100lb. Cougar, white satin paper

    Signed and stamped limited, first edition of 200

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