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Little River State Park

  • Little River State Park

    "In the early 1800s, pioneers cleared fields, rocks, and stumps in Ricker Basin and Cotton Brook. A settlement of 50 or so families once lived in this area. The hard demands of the land and weather forced younger generations to abandon the farms. Old cemeteries, sawmill remains, old town roads, bridges, and many cellar holes can still be seen as evidence of a past community."

    Today, Little River State Park is one of the most popular parks in central Vermont. It is located within Mt. Mansfield State Forest and surrounds Waterbury Reservoir. The park's relatively remote setting and extensive frontage on the Waterbury Reservoir, provide excellent camping, hiking, fishing and boating making it an excellent location for outdoor enthusiasts.


    10% of the proceeds from the sale of this print are donated to Vermont Parks Forever ..." continuing a tradition of private-public partnership to make our amazing state parks even better by enhancing and protecting these gems. We are raising funds and investing in innovative projects that make our parks more accessible and connect our visitors to the natural world in a deep, sustained way."

    Print size: 13"x19"

    Giclée printed on 100lb. white archival paper

    Signed and stamped open edition.

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