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Caspian Lake

  • Caspian Lake

    Caspian Lake is located in the town of Greensboro, which is in the southeast corner of Vermont's northeast kingdom. Caspian lake is a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike.

    "I wonder if I have ever felt more alive, more competent in my mind and more at ease with myself and my world, than I feel for a few minutes on the shoulder of that known hill, while I watch the sun climb powerfully and confidently and see below me the unchanged village, the lake like a pool of mercury, the varying greens of hayfields and meadows and sugarbush and black spruce woods, all of it lifting and warming as the stretched shadows shorten." - Wallace Stegner

    Print size: 13"x19"

    Giclée printed on 100lb. white archival paper

    Signed and stamped open edition.

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